The competition will consist of 6 Overs and Each team will be divided into 4 pools. Each pool will have 3 teams and will be a knockout match

Participating Teams Must Register for the Tournament here

    Terms and Conditions

    • Each team will have 6 players and max 1 player on bench.
    • This is a softball (tennis ball) tournament and the Kits will be provided by GATES which are returnable to the organisers.
    • Max 12 teams will be finally selected from the registrations.
    • Each state is allowed a Max of 2 teams, but the final discriation of accepting the first or second team will remain with Gates and FAIITA.
    • Participating team members should be ICT B2B channel partners ( SI/ VAR/ MSP ) or ICT vendors.
    • GATES and FAIITA reserve the right to disqualify a team / member if details provided are found false.
    • All participating delegates / team members have to register themselves for GATES ICT Business Channel Summit 2022 Online. If Vendors, they will be required to pay Participation Fee.
    • GATES and FAIITA will not be held responsible for any injury or casualties during the tournament.
    • Teams have to submit a detailed list of each of their team members participating in the tournament ( Name, Contact no, Company name, Designation, Type ( SI/ VAR/ MSP etc ), Age & Medical history if any )
    • Teams will be invited to participate from across India on first come bases confirmation will be done
    • Travel to Cochin will have to organised by individuals / teams and all local expenses incl Airport transfer to hotel & back, Boarding Lodging and food will be paid by GATES
    • All teams have to pay a non-refundable registration charge of Rs. 15,000 and only those teams who have paid the Tournament registration fee will be considered confirmed.
    • All prize / money’s paid to winning teams will be taxable under local laws and teams / individuals will have to provision themselves.
    • Registration will close on 10th of October 2022.

    Additional Terms and Conditions for COVID:

    Due to the Health Emergency declared by the WHO, and measures being taken by the local Regulatory Authorities, delegates and attendees are reminded that:

    • They are responsible for following all locally applicable restrictions, including those on travel, meetings, and masking.
    • They are strictly required to obtain sufficient Medical Insurance coverage, specifically for COVID-19. GATES & FAIITA will not be responsible for any physical or monetary loss whatsoever due to any COVID Infections.
    • They should take relevant PCR / ART Test before starting journey. Delegates who turn up Covid +ve will be refused participation at the SUMMIT / Tournament.

    I Agree to the above Terms & Conditions