Andy Tuan-Anh Nguyen

Andy Tuan-Anh Nguyen

General Director, Dream Incubator.

Andy leads DI’s consulting practice across the SEA region (Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia). His practice is focused on corporate growth, market entry strategy, investment evaluation and execution. His practice areas include infrastructure, logistics, real estates, healthcare, and digital business.

In his current mission at DI SEA, he is aiming at facilitating the transition of local businesses towards being global market players with new global business strategies and facilitating implementation through business partnerships between local companies and regional players as well as public-private collaborations.

Prior to DI SEA, Andy worked for FPT Corporation and Columbia Asia Hospitals with 15+ years’ experience in trading, finance, and healthcare in Vietnam.

Andy holds a BA in economics (National Economics University, Vietnam), an LLB (Ho Chi Minh University School of Law, Vietnam) and LLM (joint degree between Turin International University College of Law and University of Turin, Italy). He is also an associate member of CPA Australia.