Mohan Rajmani

Mohan Rajmani

CEO, <br/> Cache Technologies

Been an entrepreneur for over two decades. Passionate about cars and technologies alike.

* Founder Director at Cache Technologies & Communications Pvt. Ltd. a two decade old company providing niche technology solutions from Enterprise data centers to Embedded systems. Currently working on Autonomous cars, AI & ML Projects.

* Founder Director at Cache Consulting and Solutions Pte. Ltd. Singapore, offering end to end consulting solutions for transforming SME’s and banking through a board of consultants.

* Founder Director at Learnhive Education Pvt. Ltd. – a knowledge ecosystem company engaged in building a platform that will make it easy to organize, share and obtain learning materials for K-12 education, developing products that will assist children with learning of core concepts in a fun and intuitive manner. We are developing these innovative products using the latest technologies that will remain relevant in the future. The company has been founded by professionals who have worked and held leadership positions in the world’s best firms and have experience building leading international schools.

* Advisor – Primus Public School – Primus Public School aims at taking on a surprising number of forms. From a bubbly, enthusiastic, inquisitive and eager to learn student population to a vibrant intellectual community of teachers whose commitment flows from a profound faith in the power of education to transform lives.

Specialties: Entrepreneur, Server & Data Center Architecture, Digital Homes, Technology in Education.