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AVerVision M5 USB Distance Learning Visualizer

Product Features:

AVerVision M5 USB Distance Learning Visualizer

  • The AVerVision M5 is a USB visualizer specially made for distance learning and remote teaching.
  • Its foldable, grab-and-go design lets you start online courses in mere moments. Simply adjust the camera head to self-view for a tutoring session, and then quickly find the best angle for demonstrating materials.
  • Add in AVerTouch software’s newest AI functions, and you can maximize teaching engagement even when livestreaming.

AVer DL30 Distance Learning Tracking Camera

  • When distance learning and hybrid classrooms are the new normal, the AVer DL30 is a must-have solution for online education.
  • With the DL30 connected to a laptop, you can present freely onstage while livestreaming so students can learn no matter where they are.
  • Teachers don’t need to be camera shy anymore—they can just be themselves and teach how they want thanks to the DL30 tracking camera!

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