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Product Features:

LUFT Duo – Air purified down to the molecule For those of us who are sensitive to pollen, smoke, and dust – dreams are sweeter with LUFT Have you ever had a runny nose before going to bed and still have allergies even after getting up? Its patented SSP technology enables the compact machine to decompose and destroy VOCs, allergens, odors and bacteria which makes it the best air purifier for allergies and for your personal spaces. It’s small and mighty: 1) SSP Nanotech: With UVA LED, SSP is more effective than HEPA when neutralizing pollutants. 2) No consumables: No consumable replacement required. 3) No Setup: Plug-n-play with one-touch power on/off. 4) Energy Efficient: Powered by USB type-C costs less than $2 per year to operate. 5) Eco-Friendly: No ozone produced. 6) Wellness On the Go: Compact and portable, enjoy fresh air even on the go. LUFTQI represents “Healthy Air to Go”. Suitable for home, office, bedroom, bathroom, traveling or anyone who wants to improve the air quality in place. LUFT Duo is not only beautiful in appearance, but also suitable for various environments. Purify the surrounding air throughout the day!

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