Session 4 – Arec 2

Session 4 Arec

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Product Features:

1. AREC LS-US2 Media Station is an AV-over-IP, compact, all-in-one, and cost-saving recording and streaming device, providing high quality AV processing and streaming technology.

2. Supports 2 Full HD 1080p video sources and audio sources capturing, mixing, switching, recording, live streaming, remote management and scheduling control.

3. With new touch control app that supports Android system, users can start/stop recording or streaming via integrated digital whiteboard easily.

4. Compatible with popular cloud video conferencing software, including Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom, making conference recording easily.

5. Built-In “Video Manager” for remote management conveniently.

6. Built in “Online Director”, providing versatile control options and making video look professional.

7. With “AREC Station Manager” and all-new “ARECloud”, all AREC Media Stations in the campus can be integrated into 1 single system, allowing administrators to monitor and central control remotely.