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ible Technology Inc.

Product Features:

ible Airvida family, since 2016, is famous for its PM2.5, pollen, and allergen removal ability. Refer to the customer reviews in Japan Rakuten (Reference:, ible Airvida has 4.37 high point from Japanese end users.

ible Airvida family features with powerful 2 million negative ions/ cm3 generation capacity, 100 times than a natural waterfall produces. Numerous negative ions can efficiently make the airborne particles, including PM2.5 (99.9% removal rate), pollen, allergen, and bacteria, dropped to the ground. This functionality is very beneficial to users which can protect them from breathing too much allergic and harmful substance into their body.

ible Airvida family is certified by professional laboratories, including SGS, Japan Association of Ion Research, and Far Infrared Association (Japan), for its air purifying ability. Moreover, ible Airvida family also complies with CE, EU regulations on ozone and radiation safety.